Premium Guest Toiletries and Hotel Amenities

Hotel guests enjoy being pampered and they expect a memorable experience when staying in paid accommodation. As leading suppliers of guest toiletries, we believe that the reputation of any hotel, motel or resort is influenced by the quality and presentation of their Bathroom Amenities. Our range of luxury hotel toiletries and guest amenities are sure to enhance your bathroom and offer your guests a memorable stay.

Swisstrade’s selection of amenities is perfect for hotels and motels of all styles and in every location. Whether it is a modern city hotel, coastal beach resort or country motel, our choice of guest toiletries will perfectly compliment all types of accommodation.

We are trusted and well established suppliers to the hospitality industry and our Hotel Toiletries and Guest Amenities ranges include internationally renowned designer hair salon and beauty brands that are widely used in the retail industry. On top of that, as environment conscious industry suppliers, we ensure that most of our guest toiletries are packaged in fully recyclable packaging.

Natural and Organic Toiletries

Our certified organic Hotel Toiletry ranges are designed and manufactured by ADA Cosmetics International, one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious manufacturers of hotel cosmetics. In our commitment to help you pamper and indulge your guests, we only supply skin neutral products with a balanced and skin neutral pH 5.5

Swisstrade’s luxury hotel soaps and shampoos are well suited for people with sensitive skin. Your guests will appreciate the sophisticated fragrances and quality ingredients of our hotel amenities.

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