Aveda is a well known luxury hair & skin care brand, which is built on environmental responsibility. Aveda’s plant-based hair care and skin care products are formulated with the goal of providing high performance products that are better for the consumer, as well as for the planet.
Offering Aveda products in your hotel bath room, lets you pamper your guests at the highest level with a world famous retail brand.
Aveda’s Hotel Collection offers beautiful naturally derived fragrances and luxurious formulations that appeal to both men and women.
*Exclusive availability to first-class and luxury properties only, which meet Aveda’s requirements.

  • Energizing Body Cleanser 30ml

    AV-0560.1.24B, ctn qty 144

  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo 30ml

    AV-0560.1.21B, ctn qty 144


  • Rosemary Mint Conditioner 30ml

    AV-0560.1.22B, ctn qty 144

  • Botanical Body Lotion 30ml

    AV-0560.1.23D, ctn qty 144

  • Energizing Body Cleanser 44ml

    AV-0560.1.78A, ctn qty 144

  • Rosemary Mint Shampoo 44ml

    AV-0560.1.75, ctn qty 144

  • Rosemary Mint Conditioner 44ml

    AV-0560.1.76, ctn qty 144

  • Botanical Body Lotion 44ml

    AV-0560.1.77, ctn qty 144

  • Refreshing Cleansing Soap 25g

    AV-AVE090FA, ctn qty 500

  • Refreshing Facial Soap 30g

    AV-AVE125FA, ctn qty 288

  • Refreshing Bath Soap 50g

    AV-AVE200BA, ctn qty 200

  • Shower Cap – in cube pack

    WH-HKDH007, ctn qty 1000

  • Vanity Set – in card pack

    WH-HKVA006, ctn qty 172
    Cotton Pads and Cotton Buds

  • Sewing Kit – in card envelope

    WH-HKNE000, ctn qty 500

  • Shoe Polish Sponge – in card pack

    WH-HKSS001, ctn qty 210

  • Dental Kit – in card pack

    WH-HKMS003, ctn qty 220
    Toothbrush and Toothpaste

  • Shaving Kit- in card pack

    WH-HKRS003, ctn qty 114
    Razor and Shaving Cream

  • Nail File – in card sleeve

    WH-HKNF001, ctn qty 1000

  • Massage Pad – in card pack

    WH-HKWS012, ctn qty 250
    Made from natural Sisal fibre